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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we start working with you?

We always start any piece of work with a conversation. We will take some time to hear where you’re at, the issues you’re facing and what you’d like to see change. If we think we can help, we’ll create a detailed proposal, reflecting back what we’ve heard and what we see as the best way forward. We’ll work with you to fine tune this element, until you feel comfortable with what we’ve agreed to do and how it will work in practice. We always aim to be totally transparent about costs, expectations and outcomes.

How do I know if your approach works?

All our work is under-pinned by understanding of the human operating system. From this foundation, we work with our clients to uncover the new thinking and behaviours to make change a reality.

We have successfully supported a range of clients, so have a look at our case studies. 

Do you use meditation and mindfulness?

The use of mindfulness and meditation has become increasingly popular. We see both these approaches as gateways to the natural state that lies within each of us. Both approaches may help individuals remember what it feels like to be still and have a quieter mind. The nature of the human operating system means we don’t NEED either approach to make us feel better – that’s available all the time!

Do you do work with individuals?

We work with individuals within a business setting, in a range of roles from manager to business leader.  We also work with people who are looking for their own, personal transformation in any area of their lives. Our work is with the human being, no matter what role, circumstance or life stage they find themselves in.

What is the ‘human operating system’?

It’s a term we use to describe the process at work throughout every moment of our existence. For most of us, it’s a hidden process, which we’re not aware of. Yet, when we understand how our experience is created, moment by moment, we start to see all interactions, behaviours and thoughts in a completely new way. It will fundamentally shift your understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Do you work online or face to face only?

We value the connection that’s possible when we work in person with our clients. We try to take our clients out of their normal place of work and provide space to think, time to reflect and ease into action. 

We recognise the value of staying connected virtually and always offer individual sessions online.