Leading the Way

Traditional approaches to solving issues or challenges, usually involve analysis and proposed resolution, at the level of the problem you are experiencing. Our approach starts from a different place, where we show you the root cause of the experience you’re having.

Understanding the foundations of the human experience brings clarity, innovation and alignment to the surface, creating space for greater connection, resilience and problem-solving.


Building a business

When a new business is starting up, it’s often assumed that all you need are people, tasks to be performed and money to be made.

Whilst these have their place, one area that’s often neglected is the human factor in making an organisation work. How people work together takes more than good process and procedures. When you and your people understand the true nature of the process creating your day to day experience, the scope for better decision making; increased creativity; more effective working relationships, moves to a different level. 

In our approach to supporting you build your business, we deliver experiential workshops which reveal the ‘human operating system’ and what that means for you and your people. 


Coaching Intensives

We rarely invest in ourselves yet sometimes there’s a need to step away from existing patterns, circumstances and ways of being. The option of taking some time out to focus on you, is a great way to create the space for clear thinking, problem resolution and tapping into new behaviours.

A coaching intensive lasts from 2-4 days and offers the opportunity of deep listening, unravelling of issues and the clarity to see what will create change. We aim to take you away from your usual environment, to connect with nature and feel an expanded sense of space, time and energy. 



Individual Change

For many of us, the seemingly endless demands of the ‘always on’ lifestyle, where we cannot escape technology, work pressures and demands in the rest of our lives, can have a huge impact on our sense of well-being. In a work setting, this may lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, creating lower performance, more absenteeism and a breakdown in work relationships.

Rather than focus on tools and techniques to help manage the world around us, we work with you to open up a new way of living, based on tapping into your natural resilience, well-being and clarity of thought.

Our coaching programmes are designed to take you beyond the story of your life, to show you the source of your experience and what that means when you face challenges, successes and the unknown.


Business Transformation

In any business, ‘the only constant is change’ is familiar to most people. Yet, change can seem to create the most fear and resistance in ourselves and others. There is an expectation that we can ‘make people change’, if we tell them enough times or create adverse consequences for failing to change.

We offer a completely different way to underpin any business transformation. We work with you to uncover where the feelings of fear and resistance come from and shed light on the behaviours that then show up. Our workshops open up the space for you and your people to see the power of thought and know that a new thought will create a new experience of any event or circumstance. 

With this realisation, the need for constraints, control or management of thoughts or behaviours becomes unnecessary. You will have the opportunity to create new possibilities with ease and freedom.


Team Development 

We see a team as a representation of a living, dynamic system, with its’ own energy and impact on all parts of the system. There are times when it seems that the system goes out of balance, either through changes to people or the development of toxic behaviours between members of the team.

Traditional approaches to team development, might focus on differences between team members and how to manage them. We work with you to define the ‘team issue’ and provide tailored, facilitated workshops, designed to reveal what’s happening in the system. Our aim is to show connection, create curiosity and acceptance of diversity between team members, to create a solid foundation of trust and positivity.


Leadership Development

Typically, development of an individual focuses on skills, knowledge or capability – lateral capability development. To truly transform and be most effective in life and leadership, something much deeper needs to shift. By understanding the principles behind the human operating system and looking inwards to see the implications of these on how you show up as a leader, real transformation is possible. Lasting change and a sustainable shift in mindset are outcomes of this vertical development.

To support this work, we use the Leadership Circle Profile, which is the only 360 degree profiling tool we would use. It provides a unique and powerful way of connecting well-researched leadership competencies with underlying habits of thought and motivation. It enables you to get to the source of behaviour, uncover blindspots and challenge resistance to change. This profiling instrument starts the process of change, from the inside out.


Dynamically Different

If you ever feel like you’re spinning too many wheels and getting nowhere, it’s time to find a different way.

The demands on your time and energy feel endless, yet, you may never feel that you’ve reached the success or outcomes you’re looking for. 

Typically, to deal with this, you’re taught to look for more knowledge, better skills or try a new technique, helping you cope; deliver and manage effectively. Or so you’re led to believe.

What’s clear is that this approach to development and change simply isn’t sustainable. 

We’ve seen how a new understanding makes a huge difference to individuals, teams and organisations, yet feels infinitely simpler.

Remember a time when you have been ‘in the zone’, where all your thinking and actions seemed to flow, without effort or analysis of thought? It may seem that this is a one off state, yet when we show you the fundamental  principles which create this and every experience in our lives, you can start to trust in this state of resilience, flow and creativity in yourself and others.

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