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Experienced, development specialists who enable individuals and businesses to access their best performance, unleash creativity and maintain well-being.



Having trained as a speech and language therapist at UCL, Andrea never imagined where her working life would take her. She began her career with 12 years working in operational and senior management roles in British Airways, where her love of people development started.  She went on to further develop in the fields of organisation design and development, becoming a Fellow of the CIPD. In 2004, Andrea discovered the power of coaching and became a Certified Professional coach working with business leaders and organisations to establish coaching as a core development approach.

Over the years, her understanding of the source and processes behind the human experience has deepened and now forms the foundation of all her work. She sees coaching as a vehicle to enable clients to find their own insights and uncover their inner potential.

Through her coaching and consulting business, Andrea has worked in global organisations delivering people change programmes, as well as supporting start up enterprises, as they grow, develop and change. She coaches individuals and business leaders; facilitates team development workshops, as well as supporting vulnerable individuals, through her volunteer coaching with a charity for the homeless.

Andrea loves nature and is fortunate enough to live in a semi-rural location, where she spends hours in the garden or walking in the hills. She’s passionate about all things fitness, from running marathons to yoga.

Founder of True Resilience, Andrea leads a team of highly skilled associates, individually selected for each programme.

Vision & Purpose

When so much time and energy seems to be devoted to working hard to make things better; to drive change; to battle uncertainty, there must be a different way. Time, effort, knowledge, techniques and models just don’t seem to provide truly sustainable solutions.

The vision behind True Resilience is simple:

We uncover the source of innate capability in everyone.

Our vision is to create organisations where people can see beyond their experience of challenges and feelings of overwhelm, rather than battle them.  Where they know they have all the natural resilience and capability needed to develop solutions, work well with others and deliver what’s needed, with ease.

We have a strong track record in supporting individuals and businesses through change. 

Our purpose is to help you:

  • build a sustainable business
  • uncover better working relationships
  • create, flex and adapt to ever-changing circumstances
  • deliver high performance from a solid platform of well-being and clarity of thought


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Root cause

I was impressed with her approach. I was particularly impressed with Andrea’s ability to simplify problems down to their root cause and then not shirk dealing with them, including the most challenging of characters. She also has a lot of personal courage in that I have seen her ask very difficult questions but in a non-threatening way calling on her emotional intelligence to judge how to face any situation.

Director, Business Intelligence, Telefonica

Profound Impact

Through her coaching, Andrea has had a profound impact on my approach to leadership, helping me to implement positive changes and an approach that will remain with me for the remainder of my professional life. 

I found her to be insightful, willing to challenge the status quo of my role and that of my peers, whilst retaining a professional and candid communication style throughout.

I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking to improve their leadership style, or to individuals embarking on a role with increased responsibility.

Head of Analytical Development

Driving my behaviour…

Andrea’s style of coaching is to look at the whole person. She has a gift for quickly cutting through the layers and getting right to the heart of the matter. I found that she would regularly challenge me in our coaching sessions with probing questions that taught me a lot about what was really driving my behaviour.

Business Change Director