Creative Solutions


When we look outside ourselves for a solution, we are looking in the wrong direction. You have access to all the creativity, resilience and wisdom you need. It just gets lost sometimes. We will show you where to look.



We all live and work within dynamic, living systems, fuelled by an infinite energy. Whether you are just starting up a business or looking to change what’s already there, it’s possible to create new, sustainable organisations, which work in harmony with people and the environment.



Whether you are looking to develop more as a leader or want to develop better relationships within your business, uncovering habitual patterns of thought and behaviours, creates the opportunity for new thinking. When we begin with insight, the impact goes way beyond new skills or knowledge, to create lasting change.



See beyond the implementation of new processes and systems to drive change. At the heart of all transformation, lies the understanding of where your experience comes from. The implications of this on how you lead change, create new solutions or embrace new ways of working, are transformational!



Working with a professional coach, that really understands, listens, communicates and helps you to develop is really refreshing. I looked forward to the sessions, and learnt a great deal.

Inspirational and motivational!

HR Director

Highly Recommended

Andrea came highly recommended and after starting to work with her it was very clear why. Andrea is at the top of her profession.

In no time at all, Andrea understood the business and immediately identified where the most productive improvements could made.

Andrea’s style is to respectfully unravel issues that have been swept under the carpet over many years and in a unique way, coach and encourage each employee to be accountable for their responsibilities.

I undertook some 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching sessions with Andrea that have since proved to be invaluable.  Andrea showed me how to deal with issues head on and bring about a successful outcomes leading to growing self-confidence and the ability to handle any situation that was thrown at me.

Karen Jones-Williams
Managing Director, Agmet Ltd


As a facilitator, Andrea’s approach and manner is fascinating because she comes across to me and my team as totally non-provocative, whilst at the same time asking the most blunt and necessary questions. She therefore gets everyone talking about the issues that really matter without people feeling threatened and closing up.

She is also seems to know exactly what is happening in the room and uses that to make sure the sessions we hold are successful and to guide me after the event in the best way to make my team as effective as possible.

Andrea is great – you should use her 🙂

Alister Esam, former CEO eShare and founder /CEO of Process Bliss